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This website was created at 0630 hrs, Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -7:00) Sunday, 15 March 2020.

I created it after waking up early this morning and checking both my email and RSS feeds. Both contained an unusually high number of well written, topical, and (mostly) non-political information about the Corona Virus – aka Covid19. My immediate inclination was to do a NextDoor post sharing these links with my neighbors, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it deserves a wider audience. It needs it’s own website.

As I use to host a general personal blog, as well as a couple of subject focused blogs, I decided to use to make this available widely.


The true content of this site is contained in Reading List, which is, under the hood, a blog. Each blog post is assigned one of 3 categories representing different levels of information density:

  • Easy Reads – Good Information, easily comprehended
  • Longer Reads – Good Information, but requires more attention and more detail to convey understanding to the reader, thus doesn’t really qualify as an “Easy Read”
  • Technical/Scientific – Requires critical reading skills, familiarity with the scientific method, yet still understandable to the general public with patience and a desire to learn. (As of 15 March 2020, I don’t know if this will have ANY posts, but it might happen – at which point I’ll remove this parenthetical remark!)

The posts on these 3 main categories will not allow comments! They are intended for people looking for information. I am, however, allowing 2 types of feedback through comments on a single blog post, each with it’s own category:

  • Comments/Criticism – Here will be a single post inviting you to comment on, praise, or criticize posts on the 3 main lists. Initially, all comments will be moderated. If moderation time grows to exceed the time I have available, I might turn off moderation, or I might shut this down entirely.
  • Suggestions – Here will be a single post inviting you to suggest links to add to one of the 3 main sections.

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