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This one is all mine. Do some good – at zero extra cost – when your order your stuff delivered from Amazon!

TLDR: Use instead of amazon dot com – it might save a charity!

Charities are likely to be hurt for the duration of the work reductions and furloughs. Why? Fundamentally, charities are dependent on the disposable income of their donors. Less work or furloughed? Your disposable income just got smaller or vanished! While I haven’t seen anything on charities failing, I know many of them struggle to accomplish their missions – and some of them may well fail as their income stream dries up.

There is one easy, zero cost thing you can do to help: use when you order from Amazon. All prices are the same as amazon dot com. All policies are the same. But Amazon sets aside a small percentage of your purchase price and donates it to the charity of your choice.

Actually, I think it’s a VERY small percentage – Amazon has never said exactly what the percentage is. And Amazon gets any tax deduction for charitable giving, not you.

OTOH, you don’t pay any more – and your chosen charity at least gets something!

Source: Blog Author 22 March 2020

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