Personal Update

Hi Folks,

I’m not posting here with anywhere near the frequency I was posting BEFORE I started working from home exclusively on March 17 – due to the 6 County San Francisco Bay Area shelter in place order. Read on for why …

Why? Paradoxically, my workload has increased! I work for a distributor of products that are necessary for businesses that have been designated “Critical” – and hence my employer also makes the “Critical Businesses” list. Only a few of our customers are actually doing work that is critical during this emergency, but too many of them are still doing business as close to normal as they can. And those that HAVE pared back to critical operations only are also preparing for the time when they can operate freely again – and pestering my employer with highly involved quote requests! And at my employer, that means they’re pestering ME.

And that increased workload, along with occasional network problems that slow down my working from home, is starting to take it’s toll. When I’m not doing work, I’m trying to get my mind as far away from the crisis as I can – I need the respite!

So for the time being, instead of looking for things to link to here, I’m only going to post things that strike me immediately as “This needs to be on the Corona Virus Reading List” – along with any of your suggestions (assuming I think they are worthwhile!)

Just want to keep you all in the loop as to why posts are now LESS frequent – OK, you could characterize posting as “Waaaaaay down!”)

Thanks, and Stay Safe!

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