The Long Haul

An interactive model prepared by the New York Times (opinion pages) suggests we should be prepared to Shelter in Place for a lot longer than any report on the Mainstream Media (except the one linked below) has, to date, contemplated.

This is both short read and a long read. The short read gets you to the interactive model that caused me to post it. And I didn’t scroll beyond it! It turns out it’s quote a long read – and you DO get to play with the model – changing assumptions – near the end.

Apologies for the inclusion of an opinion piece, including a politicians name (it’s part of the title). And apologies for linking to a piece which includes a simulation without detailed references to the model. But what is shows is at stark contrast to most current reporting, which is what persuaded me to include it. I’m going to turn comments ON for this post in the hope that someone who sees it know more about the underlying model, and can provide links that explain, support, or debunk the model used:

Trump Wants to ‘Reopen America.’ Here’s What Happens if We Do. 25 March 2020. Source: The New York Times Opinion Section. Free Coronoavirus Coverage (reserves the right to put it behind their paywall) Topic: Flattening the Curve

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