Best Advice I’ve Seen/Heard For Opening Up Businesses!!

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything new. Frankly, I got overwhelmed with pandemic information. Those nuggets of good, well presented, apolitical information just haven’t appeared very often amidst all the bad, or poorly presented, just plain crazy, and politically slanted stuff I’m come across that, when I found one, I was just too tired to bring it over here!

With that said, this one isn’t completely apolitical. Well, the essential information is, but the path I used to find it isn’t. And because I want to present any information here with proper attribution, I’ve included the political bit – and it’s a very small, almost parenthetical bit! Read on for

This will lead you to the best video I’ve seen with concrete recommendations for protective measures that should be taken before re-opening any business. Yes, it comes from China – where these measures are now mandatory for ALL businesses.

I came to this through a VERY political (Progressive Left) blog I read as “religiously” as it is possible for me, a confirmed Atheist, to be! Here’s the link to the blog post – but don’t click it yet:

Say What You Will About China… They Have A Gold Standard Way To Open Up Businesses

I’m including ONLY this like because I think this particular post deserves your clicks – so you’ll have to start there, then click through to get to the really spot-on information (It’s also this page that has the political bit – actually far less than is normal for this particular blog!

Once there, the very first thing is an embedded video. The video is almost an hour long, but the embedded video is cued up at the start of the important bit. The video discusses a lot of things, this part runs about 9 minutes from where it’s clued up.

But that isn’t the true source! The clip is the vlogger playing parts of a video produced by a manufacturing company in China – and the vlogger makes, in my opinion, particularly good comments.

But for the unvarnished source, without any commentary, you need to get to the original video produced by that manufacturing company. And while I could link it directly, I choose not to for the reasons stated above!

To get to the root video described in the title, you’ll need to open the embedded video in YouTube – so you can get to the vlogger’s link to the original video – it’s in the extended description of the embedded video – but YouTube embeds don’t have an easy way to get to the extended description, so you’ll need to open it in YouTube to get to the link!

So go ahead now, click the link above! Then it’s your choice as to what you want to do (and you’re not restricted to just one):

  • Just watch the embedded video at the top without opening in You Tube
  • Read the rest of the blog post
  • Open the embedded video in You Tube then:
    • Just find the root source in the extended description or
    • Watch the FULL, almost 1 hour video (Disclaimer, I haven’t taken the time to do this – yet!)

Source(es): 24 May 2020 post embedding YouTube Video from YouTube User “Peak Prosperity” on 23 May 2020, commenting on, and linking to a YouTube Video from Star King Manufacturing posted on 7 May 2020

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