Another take on "flattening the curve"

Hi folks, this one isn’t a link! I came across it in the comments section of a post I decided not to include – as I feel it downplayed the risk a bit too much. In the comments, it is a letter shared without attribution by the author of the comment, so I can’t attributeContinue reading “Another take on "flattening the curve"”

Thinking of going out to eat? It might not be as much of a risk as you might think!

This seems to me to be good common sense. However, the lack of links supporting many of the things said cause me to warn: Be a bit skeptical about this one! Is it safe to eat at a restaurant during the coronavirus outbreak? Source: San Francisco Chronical via Mother Jones email. I don’t know ifContinue reading “Thinking of going out to eat? It might not be as much of a risk as you might think!”

Social Isolation doesn't mean complete isolation!

This is a You Tube video showing how Italian neighborhoods are staying connected despite people being restricted to their homes! Coronavirus outbreak: Italian residents join together to sing from balconies during lockdown. Source: YouTube. Free (ad supported) 13 March 2020 A hat tip to one of my NextDoor neighbors for posting this. Since I’m choosingContinue reading “Social Isolation doesn't mean complete isolation!”