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Best Advice I’ve Seen/Heard For Opening Up Businesses!!

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything new. Frankly, I got overwhelmed with pandemic information. Those nuggets of good, well presented, apolitical information just haven’t appeared very often amidst all the bad, or poorly presented, just plain crazy, and politically slanted stuff I’m come across that, when I found one, I was just too tired to bring it over here!

With that said, this one isn’t completely apolitical. Well, the essential information is, but the path I used to find it isn’t. And because I want to present any information here with proper attribution, I’ve included the political bit – and it’s a very small, almost parenthetical bit! Read on for

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The Long Haul

An interactive model prepared by the New York Times (opinion pages) suggests we should be prepared to Shelter in Place for a lot longer than any report on the Mainstream Media (except the one linked below) has, to date, contemplated.

This is both short read and a long read. The short read gets you to the interactive model that caused me to post it. And I didn’t scroll beyond it! It turns out it’s quote a long read – and you DO get to play with the model – changing assumptions – near the end.

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Anatomy of a killer Understanding SARS-CoV-2 and the drugs that might lessen its power

A cousin of mine has FAR more scientific training than I do. And he forwarded this to me. It’s from the Economist, but is likely behind a paywall, so he copied the whole thing and sent it to me. And I’m doing the same here. I’ve saved it as a .pdf in my Google Drive space – and made it available to anyone with a link! Damn the possible copyright violations. If they come after me, I’ll just remove this post!

This is the most technical article I have, to day posted. Feel free to read on …

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Don't strip the grocery shelves of items marked "WIC"!!!

This one is simple. If you’re reading this, it’s likely neither you, nor anyone in your family relies on WIC to afford the food needed to feed your family. We need to leave those items on grocery shelves for the people who rely on it. Otherwise, our hording panic buy could end up with the unforeseen consequence of causing some other to go hungry – reducing the effectiveness of their immune system – because they can’t afford the non WIC alternatives!

The real reason to leave WIC-eligible grocery items on the shelf as you stock up amid coronavirus Source: Daily Kos , Free Site (Ad supported), 19 March 2020

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