This post exists for one purpose: For you to suggest additional reading links!

To do so, comment on this post. The comment must include: Title, Link, Suggested Category (Easy Reads, Longer Reads, or Scientific/Technical), and finally, no more than 200 words describing why you think the article adds good, non-partisan information to this site.



This post is here to allow you to comment/praise/criticize any post on this blog. To keep the main reading list short, I am NOT allowing comments on any post that is a link to Coronavirus information. Instead, you can comment here.

Initially, comments will be moderated. I do not want this site to become a forum for discussion – there are plenty of other places to do that.

Comments that aren’t constructive criticism will be discarded.

If you have a suggestion for me to add to the reading list, don’t comment here! There will be one OTHER post with comments allowed, titled “Suggestions” for suggested additions.

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