The Long Haul

An interactive model prepared by the New York Times (opinion pages) suggests we should be prepared to Shelter in Place for a lot longer than any report on the Mainstream Media (except the one linked below) has, to date, contemplated. This is both short read and a long read. The short read gets you toContinue reading “The Long Haul”

Don't strip the grocery shelves of items marked "WIC"!!!

This one is simple. If you’re reading this, it’s likely neither you, nor anyone in your family relies on WIC to afford the food needed to feed your family. We need to leave those items on grocery shelves for the people who rely on it. Otherwise, our hording panic buy could end up with theContinue reading “Don't strip the grocery shelves of items marked "WIC"!!!”

Thinking of going out to eat? It might not be as much of a risk as you might think!

This seems to me to be good common sense. However, the lack of links supporting many of the things said cause me to warn: Be a bit skeptical about this one! Is it safe to eat at a restaurant during the coronavirus outbreak? Source: San Francisco Chronical via Mother Jones email. I don’t know ifContinue reading “Thinking of going out to eat? It might not be as much of a risk as you might think!”

Social Isolation doesn't mean complete isolation!

This is a You Tube video showing how Italian neighborhoods are staying connected despite people being restricted to their homes! Coronavirus outbreak: Italian residents join together to sing from balconies during lockdown. Source: YouTube. Free (ad supported) 13 March 2020 A hat tip to one of my NextDoor neighbors for posting this. Since I’m choosingContinue reading “Social Isolation doesn't mean complete isolation!”

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