Best Advice I’ve Seen/Heard For Opening Up Businesses!!

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything new. Frankly, I got overwhelmed with pandemic information. Those nuggets of good, well presented, apolitical information just haven’t appeared very often amidst all the bad, or poorly presented, just plain crazy, and politically slanted stuff I’m come across that, when I found one, I was justContinue reading “Best Advice I’ve Seen/Heard For Opening Up Businesses!!”

The Long Haul

An interactive model prepared by the New York Times (opinion pages) suggests we should be prepared to Shelter in Place for a lot longer than any report on the Mainstream Media (except the one linked below) has, to date, contemplated. This is both short read and a long read. The short read gets you toContinue reading “The Long Haul”

Another take on "flattening the curve"

Hi folks, this one isn’t a link! I came across it in the comments section of a post I decided not to include – as I feel it downplayed the risk a bit too much. In the comments, it is a letter shared without attribution by the author of the comment, so I can’t attributeContinue reading “Another take on "flattening the curve"”